When you are writing your article, you are not writing for yourself. You are writing for your typical audience: The reader who has traveled widely across the globe or who visits the faraway places.

These are the people you want to bring stories to life for. You want them to understand the culture, to feel the spirit, to taste the food, to see and understand as much of the beauty and history and uniqueness of the country or city as possible.

As a writer, you become the plane or car or train – the travel guide – who takes your audience with you.

You’ll also want to be as helpful as possible to your reader, knowing that your reader may take off and follow in your footsteps. Therefore, to do that, you want to give them exclusive access and insider tips that they can literally follow. You want to give them the location of that hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the beach in Liberia, the path toward the most delicious, little-known patisserie, and the tips for negotiating a hotel stay or a taxi fare. You want them to vacation in the country in a similar way that you have traveled it and covered it.

How to find stories…