Finding Stories

The first step in becoming a great travel journalist is to strive to be a curious journalist. When you are curious about a broad swath of cultures, peoples and topics – you will find yourself uncovering new stories every day, no matter where you land.

Now, it’s important to hold onto that natural curiosity and to act on it. But what you are curious about and interested in does not always translate into what sells – and that’s where developing relationships with the decision-makers of the travel publications you hope to work for really comes into play.

Start by trying to foster relationships with the key editors and lead writers at paying travel publications. Those people – the ones who actually have the power to purchase your articles – will be able to help decide where to go and what stories to explore.

Throughout your career, you’ll be balancing both your natural curiosity and the demands of the publication you are freelancing for – and that will drive where you fly next.

How to do your research…